At Better Family we are proud to offer parents an array of products to help in our mission of making parenting easy!

Our three products thus far include:

  • The Beebo,  A universal bottle holder that hangs over the parent’s shoulder. This product allows a free hand during feeding time enhancing the overall experience by allowing the parent to know read a story, cuddle their loved one, or even enjoy a meal for themselves.
  • Drop It Baby, A dishwasher friendly teeth-able chain that attaches to the child’s bottle, sippy cup, or toy to prevent falls onto unsanitary floors.
  • Swabbies Diaper Cream,  A mess-free applicator, pre-filled with organic, soothing diaper cream. It is a perfect product for on the go parents due to its easy application..

Each product shines beautifully in its own way creating an easier solution for parents. However there is one product, in particular, I would like to take a deep dive on today—Swabbies Diaper Cream.

Bottoms Up! Swabbies Miracle Diaper Cream

As stated above Swabbies is diaper cream. Yet, it is so much more than that.

Swabbies is the first-ever applicator that is disposable. This product comes with the diaper cream already filled, so now parents don’t have to worry about diaper cream lids, jars, wipes, and so on. The once strenuous task of helping soothe a baby’s diaper rash is now a quick and easy task.

However, it is worth noting that Swabbies can treat more than diaper rash.

Although Swabbies is diaper cream, the premium organic ingredients including zinc, have proved it can be used for much more.

Happy customers have reported back via email, positive reviews, and more that they have used Swabbies in their everyday life as well!

Some examples include:

  • Skin allergies and reactions such as poison Ivy
  • Ringworm
  • Acne and blemish-spot correction
  • Sunscreen
  • Chafing skin from sandy swimsuits, and other tight fitting articles of clothing
  • An organic deodorant
  • Burn soother
  • Dry skin

Check out this positive review from Victoria Walker, on

I have used this for a new grandbaby a handful of times and it works overnight. It doesn’t burn and it heals quickly. Not only have I used on her but my mother has a skin problem where her skin was peeling and turning purple and the medication she was using wasn’t working so she tried Swabbies and within a week her skin was back to normal. Oh, and it also works wonders on zits! A little goes a long way and the product is awesome. I keep a jar in the baby’s room and one in my medicine cabinet.”

And that is just the beginning of our customer satisfaction! 

Beyond The Diaper Bag

After taking a closer look at the issues Swabbies can remedy, we believe Swabbies should not only be considered a baby product, but also a household staple.

There is such a large demographic that Swabbies can benefit such as those with disabilities and those in nursing homes, commercial homes, and health care.

The market for nursing care facilities in the US is worth $130 billion dollars with over 33,000 businesses involved (IBISWorld).

At Better Family, we are thrilled that Swabbies is taking steps in the right direction to being a part of this massive market as well.

Swabbies is mess-free and easy for everyone.

Better Family

We are all about representing products that make parenting easy. Aside from our products, the Beebo, and Drop It Baby, Swabbies has a huge role in everyone’s life.

Not just babies.

Whether it’s clearing up a blemish the night before the dance, protecting skin from UV rays, to helping those with disabilities.

It overjoys our team that our products can help those in need, no matter the situation.

As a company, we hope to continue to earn recognition as a go-to partner for parents looking for better products for their kids.

We are all about ease-of-use, and turning once tedious tasks into a quick and easy fix.

Stick with us at Better Family, we’re destined to change the baby care industry, along with earning a spot on your shelf outside of the nursery.

If You Haven’t Already…

Check out our StartEngine page where you can find more information on our products, team, projections, and pitch deck.

Also, follow our social media platforms: Instagram(@swabbiescream), LinkedIn (Better Family, inc.), and Facebook (The Beebo) for more company news and exciting updates!

Happy parenting!

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