Better Family announced the acquisition of Drop It Baby, Inc. adding another baby product to the Better Family line of patented products. 

Drop It Baby is a unique item that was invented and developed by JoyLynn Waganer, mother of 4 and the entrepreneur behind this patent pending product. A product that Carman Cook-Campbell, President of Better Family knew would resonate with their customer base and would be a great addition to the companies products that focus on making parenting easier. 

Carman said “With Drop It Baby your child’s favorite items are easily tethered to durable rings that attach to a suction anchor.” Drop It Baby’s line accessories for the Drop It Baby are cute lovable teethers i.e. Giraffe, Turtle, Duck, Racoon, Penguin, Cow, Snake, Elephant, Koala Bear, Owl, and Snowflake. 

Carman Cook-Campbell stated this is a tremendous opportunity for Better Family. Drop It Baby is a turnkey company with a solid customer base and distribution network that we at Better Family will be able to leverage to increase sales immediately. The product has been well accepted and is currently selling on and and will now be offered to all our other retailers that sell Beebo and Swabbies Cream. 

More About Drop It Baby

Drop It Baby attachable tethers are squishy, colorful, and BPA-free, each is interactive and safe for your child. The suction cup base with attached ring chain allows for their favorite items to be readily accessible off dirty floors while keeping your hands free. With our handy attachments like a bottle and cup holder, and electronics or teeters, which safely stretch over and secure objects of various sizes. 

Acquisition Highlights

Better Family acquired 100% of the company in a stock for stock transaction at 25,000 shares of Better Family common stock and is purchasing the existing Drop It Baby inventory at the cost of goods for $35,000 that will be paid for as sold. 

In addition, Better Family assumed Drop It Baby’s SBA loan in the amount of $16,700.00 which payments begin in June 2021.

More About Drop It Baby’s Inventor JoyLynn 

Mother of four and an entrepreneur at heart, JoyLynn is the creator of a unique patent pending baby product called Drop It Baby. 

With 2 twins she lives in St. Louis with her husband Brian where she has led a successful career as a licensed clinical social worker and behavior analyst. 

After receiving her MBA, she was able to create and grow an autism program nationwide for a large insurance company. JoyLynn’s passion for helping individuals with special needs, supporting others to realize their goals. Inventor and mother Joy Lynn had twins born early and her husband Brian was diagnosed with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Spending time in the NICU and transitioning the kids’ home it was clear that JoyLynn’s family had some extra challenges ahead. 

Traveling more often with the kids it became clear how important it was to keep germs away from the twins, and those germs seemed to be everywhere. 

Being a very social family, we wanted to be out and about but needed to find a solution to the constant bending over to pick up dropped bottles and constant worry about dirty germ-filled floors where our twins’ stuff always tended to land. 

Why did Drop It get Invented? 

Drop It Baby was an invention born of necessity. Not only did it successfully keep baby’s things off dirty floors, but it also helped Brian from having to bend down repeatedly to retrieve fallen items. 

Time spent chasing your child’s favorite toys or bottles across dirty restaurant floors, store aisles etc. are over forever with this brand-new exciting product. Drop It Baby keeps your child’s favorite items secure and germ-free, while restoring parental sanity and confidence.

**Please see the amended Form C on our campaign page for details about changes in directors & officers, liquidity, capital resources, and dilution.

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