Better Family Inc. is making products designed to give parents an extra hand. With Swabbies, a no-mess, organic diaper cream, and Beebo, the one-handed baby feeder, on-the-go parents can use these products to improve their time spent with their kids. 

In addition, Better Family has most recently acquired Drop It Baby. Drop It Baby is an attachable tether that is squishy, colorful, and BPA-free! Drop It Baby is changing meal time, travel time, and EVERY time to make life just a little easier for parents everywhere.

Better Family’s line of products open a world of possibilities for busy parents, and now are making their way to online and in-store retailers!

Getting Into Stores

Better Family’s plan started when we hired a sales representative we met at the ABC Trade Show. We began emailing retail store buyers and started having meetings. 

We contacted a variety of well known retailers like Kroger, Albertsons, Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Meyers, including retailers who were selling online like Amazon. After sending samples and having sample meetings to discuss the product, we were able to close deals. 

Better Family Inc. made our way to retailers after receiving an initial order for 600 units of the Teal Beebo’s from Burlington stores, Inc. for their Baby Depot Departments. The Baby Depot is a department within the Burlington retailer full of popular and quality baby products at reasonable prices. They have 727 stores in the USA!

Swabbies launched online in 2018, and BuyBuyBaby launched in stores in September of 2019.

In-person Stores

Better Family Inc. products are available at retailers like Burlington,WalMart, Buy Buy Baby, Macy’s Online, and many baby boutiques across the country. Better Family products are expanding into national markets, and most recently in the Dominican Republic at retailer Isa and Kate.

Each store has a buyer, and each buyer purchases by category. Furniture, toys, clothing, strollers, car seats, and Better Family Inc. products fall into the baby care category.

Each buyer has a variety of calendars they look at in order to decide when to bring in new products to the store with everything being planned out a year in advance. Their calendar process includes when they want to buy the product, when they want to put it in the store, and when they want to review the product. 

Some retailers will only look at buying for the baby care category one month a year. If we miss the window of opportunity, we would need to wait an additional year to present our Better Family line of products. 

Regional stores require an additional review before they put an order in. This guarantees marketing dollars will be spent on our advertisements to help drive customers into their stores to purchase the product. 

Marketing includes social media, coupons, digital marketing, trade shows, print advertising, and any sort of brand recognition PR. This ensures we will promote our brand while they have our products in their stores.

Online Stores

Better Family Products are available online on Amazon, Macy’s, BuyBuyBaby, Macro Baby, and Walmart!

In-store retail is very hands on with meetings and points of contact, while online selling is much different. When Better Family was working with BuyBuyBaby one meeting was scheduled months out in advance where we flew to New Jersey for a sales presentation.  

Once we land a deal with an online retailer, we work with them on every step to get our product on their website, including digital assets and the necessary marketing it takes to make the product sell online. 

Behind the scenes, Better Family Inc. works on setting up vendor numbers and proper documentation for their EDI systems, or retail portals. That way purchase orders and invoices are successfully transmitted between our suppliers and retailers. Once this has been set up, invoices and shipping labels will be shared with the distribution centers.

Join The Better Family Momentum!

Now that you know Better Family Inc. products are available online and in stores, we encourage you to try one! If you have used Better Family Inc. products before, we would love to hear from you in a product review.

If you want to get even more involved, then invest in Better Family on StartEngine and receive Life Time Discounts on all of our branded products!

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