Created by parents, for parents, The Beebo is a free-hand bottle holder designed to enhance feeding time for them, their baby, and their family. 

The Beebo was invented by hands-on dad and engineer, Martin Hill.  

Martin launched his company and the patented unique product, The Beebo in January 2015. Shortly after, he presented his new idea for a free hand bottle holder to ABC’s long-running reality series “Shark Tank.” 

Since the episode of Shark Tank aired, Better Family Inc. has helped The Beebo product continue to grow into stores across the country, and is now available in online stores as well.

Before Shark Tank

Martin, the founder of Beebo, watched how parents and babysitters struggled with feeding their children with both hands even when they had other things to do.

His baby boy was pretty fussy during evening feeding time, and he found that his baby became calmer when he was read to. Martin created the Beebo as a way to enhance feeding time so he could read to his boy with his free hand during feedings. 

The Beebo offered much more than just a free hand. It provided Martin and his wife the freedom to interact more with their baby during those precious moments!

Until Beebo was born, doing other things such as reading a book while bottle-feeding their children were next to impossible. Whether parents have multiple children or one baby to care for, the Beebo truly offers a better way to bottle feed.

The Beebo on Shark Tank

When Martin cold-pitched with Shark Tank investors in 2015 during the season 7 premiere episode, the deal was sealed immediately. He even brought a baby on stage to demonstrate how The Beebo would transform parents lives across America and the world! 

Hill successfully achieved celebrity funding and backing from the TV show. Lori Greiner and Ashton Kutcher helped him gain momentum to improve The Beebo product to be approved by many. 

“Ultimately, it comes down to helping entrepreneurs build products that make people’s lives better and easier. Martin understands that, and The Beebo is the perfect example of it being executed well,” states Ashton Kutcher, Beebo investor 

Prior to being on the show, Martin had different packaging and different colors. With help from the Sharks, he went to trade shows and met with the Walmart buyer who ended up helping him redesign packaging and change the colors of The Beebo. 

With each rerun of the aired show, Better Family Inc. sees a spike in sales of The Beebo product through Shark Tank’s exposure. Most recently spikes overseas with the show airing globally!

After the Show

Since Shark Tank, The Beebo is in over 300 Walmart stores across the nation with Better Family’s added efforts. 

Martin Hill, the creator and founder of The Beebo, stated, “We are very pleased and excited to be involved with such an amazing company. The combination of Better Family, Inc. and Swabbies Tech, Inc. could not be more perfect.”

Better Family Inc. products are sold in Walmart, BuyBuyBaby and Amazon with international distribution plans for “The Beebo” underway with international distributors.

Better Family is looking forward to this opportunity as we are extremely pleased to welcome the Selling Bros. and SoftCoffee as our newest distributor’s in Costa Rica, Panama, South Africa, and Sub Saharan Africa.

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With the help of Better Family Inc., The Beebo has continued to grow as a product. 

Better Family recently announced the acquisition of Drop It Baby, Inc. adding another baby product to the Better Family line of patented products.

Drop It Baby attachable tethers are squishy, colorful, and BPA-free. The suction cup base with attached ring chain allows for their favorite items to be safe from dirty floors while keeping your hands free.

The product has been well accepted and is currently selling on and and will now be offered to all our other retailers that sell Beebo and Swabbies Cream. 

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At Better Family, we continue to add baby products designed to help parents globally. Better Family Inc. is producing more inventory, working with more distributors, and appearing in more stores. With spikes in orders across the world, we will be able to scale and grow The Beebo product internationally.

If you want to get involved by joining us as an investor and receive lifetime discounts on ALL our products, we encourage you to visit our StartEngine investment page.

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