Better Family Inc. has received many interesting questions, some about our Start Engine   campaign and others about our efforts to become a leader of Patented baby care products. Better Family products make the lives of parents easier, and have longevity in the retail market for investor security. 

Here we aim to answer several frequently asked questions to provide clarity regarding customer and investor inquiries to provide deeper insight into Better Family’s Capital raise as well as our line of products: The Beebo, Drop it Baby, and Swabbies.

Campaign Questions

What is a crowdfunding campaign?

Crowd funding began with the JOBS Act in 2016, Regulation VF was established so anyone regardless of wealth can invest in private businesses that provide their financial information and full disclosure (as would a public company) that they could register online through a SEC-registered broker dealer and raise capital from (the crowd) through funding portals like StartEngine

Equity crowdfunding through Reg CF allows new companies to access capital for growth early on from the crowd through the sale of either equity, debt etc.

Why did Better Family use Start Engine’s Platform to launch its Reg CF? 

StartEngine is one of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms in the US. They are backed by Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank) and have raised over $250M for over 375 businesses to date. With 275K+ registered investors, we believe that Start Engine is a pioneer in online capital raising registrations of both Reg ‘A’ and may be the stand alone leader of Reg CF crowdfunding campaigns. 

Why invest in Start Engine Sponsored companies? 

Through the Start Engine platform, investors are provided current financials that give the investor important information that is accurate and reviewed by the SEC. Interesting early-growth companies are now available to the average investor as they have never been available before. You are buying a piece of a company and helping it grow. In time, you may make a profit on your investment if the company grows and becomes more successful, and your investment holdings become worth more. (StartEngine)

How was Kickstarter used by Swabbies and Drop It Baby?

Kickstarter raises capital different from a Reg CF. On Kickstarter the investors are sponsors that are Pre-Purchasing company products to be delivered to the buyer at a later date. In most cases the money prepaid is used for the manufacture of the company’s product. The advantage to the buyer is they get to help a company initiate manufacture of their product and are the first ones to get that product at a deep discount from the later normal retail price. Both Swabbies and Drop It Baby have successfully used this type of platform for in excess of $30,000 each and have delivered to their sponsors as promised. 

Why raise capital if you did a deal on Shark Tank? 

When the episode of Shark Tank aired, Martin Hill had asked for an investment of $250,000 for 30 percent equity in his company. 

Ashton and Lori were to split it 15 percent each… However, after the show aired the deal was re-negotiated. The new agreement was a promotion agreement to drive internet sales and help brand the product. Both Lori and Ashton did assist the Beebo in garnering sales from website traffic and we still enjoy a cordial relationship with them through our director Martin and his wife Sara. 

The agreement between Martin and the Sharks expired prior to Swabbies Tech, Inc acquiring the Beebo.

Is my investment in Swabbies, The Beebo, or Drop It Baby when investing with Better Family?

When you invest in Better Family Inc., through Start Engine’s Platform you own all three brands. The Beebo, Swabbies, and Drop It Baby and any other products added in the future.

Do I receive any perks for making a specific investment?

If you invest over $300.00 in Better Family Inc. you will receive a lifetime discount on all Better Family products and larger investments receive additional perks. The lifetime discount is on ALL current and future products. As an investor discounts will be honored when shared with a family member. There is always someone you know with a baby! 

When will investors see a return on investment?

Our goal is to hopefully pay dividends in the future however they will be based on the company’s future profits. During the immediate future all company profits will be used to fuel the company’s growth objectives. Please look for updates in your email as well as on our website at

Can I sell my shares or trade my shares?

Better Family’s Shares cannot be sold in the open market at this time. Once the offering has officially closed the board is considering filing for approval to trade the company’s shares on the StartEngine trading platform.

When are you going public?

No current plans.

Better Family Product Questions

Do you have any products you will be adding to the Better Family brand in the future?

We are always presented with new products to potentially add to our existing line. At Better Family, our plan is to selectively add products that make parenting easier. Our most recent acquisition of Drop It Baby is a perfect example. Drop It Baby is a unique well accepted baby product that can be slotted into our existing distribution channels. We can manufacture with stronger margins due to our contacts and purchasing power. 

Drop It Baby attachable teethers are squishy, colorful, and BPA-free, each is interactive and safe for your child. The suction cup base with attached ring chain allows for their favorite items to be readily accessible off dirty floors while keeping your hands free.

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Why would I need The Beebo product… Can’t I just breastfeed?

The main reason is it will provide a free hand for cooking, eating, reading a story. It also benefits those who cannot breastfeed… ie. men, aunts and uncles, grandparents, caregivers, handicapped etc. For instance, fathers who want to be involved with feedings can, especially when moms want a break!

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Did the Sharks actually invest in The Beebo?

No they do not presently own stock in Better Family and were only engaged in past marketing efforts.

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We appreciate any and all feedback from our investors and customers alike. We invite you to visit our website, our StartEngine page, or our social media accounts to stay up to date on all Better Family Inc. progress. 

For more information about your investment with Better Family Inc., visit our StartEngine page today.

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