Better Family Inc. has been featured on five segments with Megan Thomas Head that have recently aired on major television networks across the country. All three of Better Family’s patented products have been showcased in major cities across the nation and featured as “Must Have” gifts for the holiday!

Megan showcased Better Family’s products designed for busy parents on the go. Megan hit some key talking points while on air. Swabbies is a no-mess, organic diaper cream, The Beebo is a one-handed baby feeder, and Drop It Baby is a suction cup ring chain that ends the “Drop It Game.”

Better Family Products aired on the following major TV Networks:

Raleigh NC-WNCN CBS 17 My Carolina

Tampa Bay, FL-WFTS ABC Tampa Bay Morning Blend

Portland, OR-KATU ABC 2

Houston,  Tx- KIAH CW39 Houston

Las Vegas, NV- KSNV News 3 Las Vegas

Better Family’s media spokesperson showcased products to major TV networks. Planning involved sending information and samples to each network, and took about a month of preparation time. We chose five major cities to showcase our patented line of products. 

Better Family Inc. products on popular news networks gives each product significant exposure to each network’s viewers. This coverage allows for Better Family to reach viewers at a national level through the cities we aired our products.

“This is the first time that all three brands were showcased together,” said Campbell, “a proud moment to see them received so well by our customers and the public.”

The viewership for each network was:

WNCN CBS 17 Raleigh was 28,724 and the UMV for CBS 17 is 183,252

WFTS ABC Tampa Bay was 36,242, and the UMV for WFTS ABC Action News is 340,282

KIAH CW39 Houston was 37,120 and the UMV for CW39 is 65,001

KSNV News 3 Las Vegas was 28,122 and the UMV for News 3 Las Vegas is 376,709

The footage from each network is public and will be used for future advertising for Better Family products.

Our team is currently working on appearances on even larger networks and television shows. For example, we are hoping to be showcased on Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, or the Ellen Degeneres show in the near future!

We have received a lot of positive feedback from those audiences as well as retail orders for all three products.

All Three of Better Family’s products were designed by parents for parents, making today’s parenting easier. All products are patented for solid future corporate growth, investor protection, and peace of mind. 

If you want to get involved with Better Family, we highly encourage you to learn more about our investment opportunity on StartEngine. We’re currently raising capital from everyday investors to help make The Beebo, Swabbies, and Drop it Baby a household name for every family.

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