Better Family Inc. recently partnered with VIR Ventures, an ecommerce distribution company based out of Texas. They distribute products to Amazon, Google, eBay, Walmart and other larger online retail platforms in five continents and 15 countries. 

Their products span across many categories and they personally source all products they represent directly from manufacturers and authorized distributors. They currently handle many well-known brands and offer more than 1/2 million products to their customer base.

About VIR Ventures

With one of the highest rankings on Amazon, they’ve proven to be a great distribution partnership to Better Family Inc. Rather than going through the process of drop shipping individual items to Amazon, VIR Ventures makes purchase orders wholesale from Better Family and other partnerships. Once the order is placed, VIR Ventures takes over the marketing, distribution, SEO rankings and customer service.

Better Family products are being systematically added to the multiple web platforms as they are revised by the VIR Team for optimal performance. The first of Better Family’s products introduced is our Beebo.

VIR’s merchandising expertise through more than 16 different platforms as they handle all aspects of customer service, follow up, and fulfillment, has been a huge benefit and complement to the company’s other branding and marketing efforts. They handle all the online advertising and will continue to improve the proper placing of our products amongst all the different platforms.  

VIR’s goal is to make the customer shopping experience quick, easy, and most importantly… affordable. 

They are proud that they have ratings of 100% for more than two years in a row, and they continue to provide excellent customer service and have been a top seller on Amazon for the last three years.

Our Family Is Growing!

“Better Family’s Partnership with VIR Ventures bears fruit” stated Carman Cook-Campbell, “our partnership with VIR ventures has been an excellent fit and we just accepted their first product order for two colors of our Beebo.”

The order will be shipped and stored at Amazon’s distribution Warehouses’ for further delivery to prime and other purchasers.

The VIR partnership assists Better Family by increasing inventory levels across the board and by providing our customers with excellent customer service they deserve. VIR platform sales will be fulfilled from their own inventory thereby assisting Better Family’s growth objectives.

If you want to get involved with Better Family, we highly encourage you to learn more about our investment opportunity on StartEngine. We’re currently raising capital from everyday investors to help make The Beebo, Swabbies, and Drop it Baby a household name for every family.

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