Ava the Elephant Joins Better Family!

Better Family is proud to announce the latest addition to our family—Ava the Elephant. Tiffany Krumins was the nanny of an awesome boy with Down syndrome. Just like many of his peers, he had to take medicine, which he found difficult. Tiffany couldn’t let the poor guy miss doses, so she let her creativity lead her. The outcome was a very crude but unique prototype for Ava the Elephant. This first production helped her little buddy get his medicine down.

About Ava

Ava is a phenomenal invention that allows little ones to take their medicine while being entertained. The first one was a medicine dropper and a few sponges combined with a greeting card voice chip. As moms, especially of extraordinary children, can tell you, whatever works is great. This product worked so well that Tiffany wanted to make an even better one that could be used by moms everywhere.

Elephants and Sharks

Tiffany knew that she needed backing to get this off the ground. She took to the airwaves. Tiffany noticed a call for product inventors to go on Shark Tank. She decided to go for it and applied. Not only did she get a spot on the coveted show, but she was also awarded $50,000 to push Ava along.

Tiffany has been doing great in her production of Ava and has been nominated by Babble.com as one of the top 50 Mompreneurs. This is an incredible feat for a nanny who just wanted to help a struggling little friend. She has also become a keynote speaker for Disney Social Media Mums and Beaches Resorts.

This partnership will help both Tiffany and Better Family and is big news for our families. Ava is a perfect addition to our family.

Meet Ava

Ava is a sweet elephant with a 2 tsp/ 10ml BPA-Free Medicine Dropper, sound unit, and batteries. She plays distracting music so that your little one isn’t paying attention to the medicine coming their way. Parents can use it one-handed and keep the other one free to avoid messes. Moms who have given medicine to little ones before may have needed five or six hands—at least from the feel of the fight. The one-handed operation means that your other hand is free if you need it to hold your little one’s hand.

How do I use Ava?

The steps for using Ava are simple to follow. First, draw the medicine into the syringe like you would any other medicine. Next, push the syringe into the back of Ava until it fits inside her trunk. Then, turn the syringe clockwise to lock it in place. Fourth, push Ava’s music button so she can serenade your sweet baby. Finally, put the trunk in your child’s mouth and push the plunger to release the medicine.

Final Thoughts

We know that our parents are constantly on the lookout for products that will make their lives easier. Ava is ready to take on her job of helping your baby be healthy. Ava is an FDA approved medical device, so we know that it is safe. The health and safety of your little one is our greatest concern.


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