Moms on The Go? Busy Moms? We Have Them Covered!

Better Family has some fantastic news! Our products are being showcased on television channels around the nation. The Better Family products have been featured in Hartford, Sacramento, Atlanta, and Miami. Showcasing them in these areas has the potential to spread throughout the US.


Recently in Hartford, “Products for Busy Moms” featured our products: Swabbies, The Beebo, and Drop It Baby on their program. We are ecstatic with this press coverage. This program, though local, can help catapult Better Family’s products on their way to becoming a household name amongst busy moms. As our customers know, these products can make a busy mom’s day a little bit easier. To see the products they featured, click here.


Megan’s KTXL “Mom on the Go” segment also highlighted some of our Better Family products. We were showcased with other well-known products such as Aleve and lesser-known products as well. With the high viewership of this program, our products should see a substantial increase in sales. Combined with distribution agreements of late, this has great potential for dramatic sales increases for the Better Family company.


Another “Mom on the Go” airing was shown in the Atlanta area. This massive metro area has thousands of moms and families looking for products like ours. We are grateful to have been shown to more than 33,000 viewers for this segment.


Finally, Megan Head’s segment also appeared on WSFL in Miami. This garnered another 40,000 viewers. This one segment increased the viewership of our products by over 100,000, and with the Hartford segment, there were more than 140,000 potential new customers for our products.

We are excited that our one-handed feeder, Beebo, and the Drop It Baby bottle holder have been shown on these programs. They make life much easier for busy moms. The diaper cream is also perfect for moms concerned about the products they use with their children. We look forward to continuing to grow through features such as these.


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