VIR Ventures Places Second Order with Better Family

If you are familiar with our Better Family brand, you know that we recently partnered with VIR Ventures for the distribution of our products. We are excited to report that we are continuing that partnership. The initial partnership with VIR was a success, so we are continuing to work with VIR Ventures to distribute our products. Our newest purchase order with them is for the distribution of Beebo’s complete color line. We are proud of this product, and VIR Ventures’ placement will contribute to its success.

As a growing business, we look to partnerships like the one developing with VIR Ventures to help us continue on the path we seek. In addition to Beebo, VIR Ventures will also be placing our Drop It baby line and Swabbies Supreme Clean products. These are already prepped for delivery. The addition of raspberry and purple Beebo, as well as these other products, is exciting for us at Better Family. 

The customer service team has provided stellar service for customers nationally. By partnering with a distributor, Better Family can gain product placement in locations such as Amazon and other national retailers. Their reputation places them at the top of the list for small-to-medium business growth catalysts. We hope that the continued partnership with VIR Ventures helps us achieve a more stable market base in addition to the increased product availability through their inventories.

Products are shipped directly from VIR Ventures, minimizing our need to hold on to inventory. They have handled all of the heavy lifting for distribution. We are sure that this partnership will be fruitful, and it will provide more product availability for our valued customers.

As our partnership evolves, we will update our customers on the changes and developments. We hope that you are as excited as we are!

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