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Did you know that World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is celebrated every year on March 21st? Well, you do now! Its purpose is to spread awareness of Down syndrome and the people who live it every day.

At Better Family Inc, we’re huge supporters of WDSD’s positive, empowering message. In 2021, the messages of “We Decide” and “Connect” were broadcast loud and clear to the world, communicating the importance of agency and the right we all have to participate.

Jacob Clemons — The Perfect Cover Model

As part of the recent rebrand for our Shark-Tank-featured product Ava the Elephant, we were looking for participants in a new commercial shoot. We knew that Jacob was the perfect fit from the moment we met him! Son of Stephanie and Rick Clemons, Jacob happens to have Down syndrome.

His positivity and joy when using Ava the Elephant was contagious. In fact, he reminded us of the little boy who first inspired Ava a decade ago.

Working with such a wonderful cover model has re-emphasized the importance of inclusion to all of us here at Better Family Inc. A better family is one that makes sure everyone can take part.

World Down Syndrome Day — What Can You Do?

In the spirit of WDSD, we wanted to dedicate a section of this blog post to advocacy tips to help newcomers better stand up for inclusion in their everyday lives.

Get Informed

One of the best steps toward becoming a better advocate is to make sure you’re as informed as you can be on the subject. The best way to learn about the lived experience of people with Down syndrome is to listen to their stories directly.

Listening to stories from people in their own words is a fantastic way to connect with their experience. The WDSD site has a great page that can help you get started.

Remember the Importance of Self-Advocacy

While it’s vital to stand up for those around you when voices need to be amplified, it’s also important to remember that self-advocacy can move mountains. People with Down syndrome often have a limited voice in the actions that affect them.

Groups that foster effective self-advocacy are a cornerstone of the WDSD movement. Check out this guide here.

Better Family Inc

At Better Family Inc, we’re committed to making life easier for families everywhere. Our products and their features start at home; the more people who can participate, the better. We hope to continue supporting movements like WDSD as we grow.

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