The Beebo Goes International!

The Beebo Goes International!

We’ve been immensely humbled by the growth Better Family Inc. has seen over the past few years. Despite innumerable challenges, the company has gone from strength to strength. Our most recent cause for celebration is our intelligent bottle feeder, The Beebo.

 It’s already made feeding time easier for families across the US and Canada. If you’re elsewhere in the world, read on for some exciting news!

What is The Beebo?

First featured on season 7 of Shark Tank, The Beebo is an intelligent bottle feeder that attaches over the shoulder and holds your feeding bottle firmly in place. This frees up a hand during those special moments and transforms the way you feed your child.

 For quite some time now, The Beebo has been available to our customers in the US and Canada. We’re so excited to share with you that our handy feeder is now available to customers around the globe!

Amazon Sales With VIRVentures

It’s worth touching on how proud we are to be partnering with VIRventures for our international distribution. They’ve made it possible to significantly increase our reach.

 Just to be clear — this is huge! We’ve always been passionate about helping as many families as we possibly can. This exciting new development helps us reach more homes everywhere.

 In addition to our Amazon listings, we’re also in touch with distributors in both South America and Costa Rica. If you’re in either of these places, it’s a good time to be a parent!

Excited by our Progress? Don’t Miss out on the Action

We’re currently live on Start Engine and raising capital for the next chapter of the Better Family story. Invest today and join our international community of families!

At Better Family Inc, We Champion Female Founds!

At Better Family Inc, We Champion Female Founds!

At Better Family Inc, We Champion Our Female
At Better Family, we believe in a just and equitable world that does right by families
everywhere. For this reason, we’re proud to champion the outstanding women that have
made our company what it is today.
Their tenacity, inventiveness and sharp business acumen have driven Better Family Inc.
from strength to strength. This blog post is written to celebrate the hard work of women
Vast Room for Improvement
Did you know that only 2.7% of venture capital funds went to female-founded businesses in
2019? While great strides have been made for women over the past several decades, it is a
fallacy to conclude that the fight is over. There are many mountains left to climb before we
can describe the fight for equality as won.
Better Family will continue to support causes that further the prospects of entrepreneurial
women wherever we can.
The Women Who Make Better Family Inc
Let’s explore the outstanding women who have contributed so much to Better Family over
the years!
Tiffany Krumins and Ava the Elephant®
When Tiffany encountered a sweet-natured boy with Down syndrome who struggled to take
the medicine he needed, she knew something had to be done. She invented the now highly
renowned singing medicine dispenser, Ava The Elephant®.
The product was even featured on the first ever episode of ABC’s Shark Tank! Tiffany’s
warmth, creativity and passion are true assets of the Better Family team.
Joylynn Waganer and Drop it Baby®
Joylynn brought the spectacular Drop it Baby® to the Better Family portfolio of products. It
almost completely eliminates the “drop it” game that so many of our little ones play during
It’s built to grow with your child as they do and has already helped thousands of families
across the US. We don’t know where we’d be without Joylynn’s spirit, hard work and
Carman Cook-Campbell and Swabbies®
Carman developed Swabbies® out of necessity. As a busy single mother of three children,
she needed a way to keep a hand free to hold her baby and avoid getting diaper cream
She invented a fantastic applicator that pairs with an organic herbal rash cream to transform
the process of tidying up after your little ones. Carman’s dedication, foresight and honesty
are indispensable to us at Better Family.

World Down Syndrome Day & Better Family Inc

World Down Syndrome Day & Better Family Inc

Did you know that World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is celebrated every year on March 21st? Well, you do now! Its purpose is to spread awareness of Down syndrome and the people who live it every day.

At Better Family Inc, we’re huge supporters of WDSD’s positive, empowering message. In 2021, the messages of “We Decide” and “Connect” were broadcast loud and clear to the world, communicating the importance of agency and the right we all have to participate.

Jacob Clemons — The Perfect Cover Model

As part of the recent rebrand for our Shark-Tank-featured product Ava the Elephant, we were looking for participants in a new commercial shoot. We knew that Jacob was the perfect fit from the moment we met him! Son of Stephanie and Rick Clemons, Jacob happens to have Down syndrome.

His positivity and joy when using Ava the Elephant was contagious. In fact, he reminded us of the little boy who first inspired Ava a decade ago.

Working with such a wonderful cover model has re-emphasized the importance of inclusion to all of us here at Better Family Inc. A better family is one that makes sure everyone can take part.

World Down Syndrome Day — What Can You Do?

In the spirit of WDSD, we wanted to dedicate a section of this blog post to advocacy tips to help newcomers better stand up for inclusion in their everyday lives.

Get Informed

One of the best steps toward becoming a better advocate is to make sure you’re as informed as you can be on the subject. The best way to learn about the lived experience of people with Down syndrome is to listen to their stories directly.

Listening to stories from people in their own words is a fantastic way to connect with their experience. The WDSD site has a great page that can help you get started.

Remember the Importance of Self-Advocacy

While it’s vital to stand up for those around you when voices need to be amplified, it’s also important to remember that self-advocacy can move mountains. People with Down syndrome often have a limited voice in the actions that affect them.

Groups that foster effective self-advocacy are a cornerstone of the WDSD movement. Check out this guide here.

Better Family Inc

At Better Family Inc, we’re committed to making life easier for families everywhere. Our products and their features start at home; the more people who can participate, the better. We hope to continue supporting movements like WDSD as we grow.

Better Family Inc Continues from Strength to Strength

Better Family Inc Continues from Strength to Strength

Better Family Inc Continues from Strength to Strength

When we first partnered with VIR Ventures back in 2020 , we were over the moon to have found a dynamic sense of direction and momentum. Standing here in 2021, we’re humbled by the progress that has been made since this partnership began.

At Better Family Inc, we’ve always been dedicated to making life easier for today’s busy parents. Interest from groups like VIR has helped to bring our passion to life!

We’re also overjoyed to announce continued interest from the likes of Walmart; buybuy Baby; and Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s been a busy year indeed! This post will outline our progress so far and touch on what we predict moving forward.

Continued Purchase Orders from VIR

In the face of a challenging year for businesses everywhere, we have been fortunate enough to secure continued purchase orders from our friends at VIR. Purchases have spanned our entire product line. From our organic diaper cream, Swabbies, to our free-hand bottle holder, Beebo, they just can’t seem to get enough!

Purchases like these give Better Family Inc access to multiple Amazon retail platforms and allow us to expand our reach to more families everywhere.

Coming to a Department Store Near You!

Something else that we’re endlessly excited about is continued support from large vendors such as Bed Bath and Beyond; Walmart; and buybuy Baby. Continuing to supply our range of products to physical locations across the United States really does feel like a dream come true.

When our children’s medicine dispenser, AVA the Elephant, became the first ever winner on Shark Tank, we knew we were onto something. All these years later, we’re proud to be moving from strength to strength.

Here’s to the Future

As we approach Q2 of 2021, we’ve got our sights set firmly on the future. We’re gunning for more products in more stores to more families everywhere. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

If you want to become part of the Better Family conversation, check us out on StartEngine.

Moms on the Go? Busy Moms? We Have Them Covered!

Moms on the Go? Busy Moms? We Have Them Covered!

Moms on The Go? Busy Moms? We Have Them Covered!

Better Family has some fantastic news! Our products are being showcased on television channels around the nation. The Better Family products have been featured in Hartford, Sacramento, Atlanta, and Miami. Showcasing them in these areas has the potential to spread throughout the US.


Recently in Hartford, “Products for Busy Moms” featured our products: Swabbies, The Beebo, and Drop It Baby on their program. We are ecstatic with this press coverage. This program, though local, can help catapult Better Family’s products on their way to becoming a household name amongst busy moms. As our customers know, these products can make a busy mom’s day a little bit easier. To see the products they featured, click here.


Megan’s KTXL “Mom on the Go” segment also highlighted some of our Better Family products. We were showcased with other well-known products such as Aleve and lesser-known products as well. With the high viewership of this program, our products should see a substantial increase in sales. Combined with distribution agreements of late, this has great potential for dramatic sales increases for the Better Family company.


Another “Mom on the Go” airing was shown in the Atlanta area. This massive metro area has thousands of moms and families looking for products like ours. We are grateful to have been shown to more than 33,000 viewers for this segment.


Finally, Megan Head’s segment also appeared on WSFL in Miami. This garnered another 40,000 viewers. This one segment increased the viewership of our products by over 100,000, and with the Hartford segment, there were more than 140,000 potential new customers for our products.

We are excited that our one-handed feeder, Beebo, and the Drop It Baby bottle holder have been shown on these programs. They make life much easier for busy moms. The diaper cream is also perfect for moms concerned about the products they use with their children. We look forward to continuing to grow through features such as these.


VIR Ventures Places Second Order with Better Family

VIR Ventures Places Second Order with Better Family

VIR Ventures Places Second Order with Better Family

If you are familiar with our Better Family brand, you know that we recently partnered with VIR Ventures for the distribution of our products. We are excited to report that we are continuing that partnership. The initial partnership with VIR was a success, so we are continuing to work with VIR Ventures to distribute our products. Our newest purchase order with them is for the distribution of Beebo’s complete color line. We are proud of this product, and VIR Ventures’ placement will contribute to its success.

As a growing business, we look to partnerships like the one developing with VIR Ventures to help us continue on the path we seek. In addition to Beebo, VIR Ventures will also be placing our Drop It baby line and Swabbies Supreme Clean products. These are already prepped for delivery. The addition of raspberry and purple Beebo, as well as these other products, is exciting for us at Better Family. 

The customer service team has provided stellar service for customers nationally. By partnering with a distributor, Better Family can gain product placement in locations such as Amazon and other national retailers. Their reputation places them at the top of the list for small-to-medium business growth catalysts. We hope that the continued partnership with VIR Ventures helps us achieve a more stable market base in addition to the increased product availability through their inventories.

Products are shipped directly from VIR Ventures, minimizing our need to hold on to inventory. They have handled all of the heavy lifting for distribution. We are sure that this partnership will be fruitful, and it will provide more product availability for our valued customers.

As our partnership evolves, we will update our customers on the changes and developments. We hope that you are as excited as we are!

Ava the Elephant Joins Better family!

Ava the Elephant Joins Better Family!

Better Family is proud to announce the latest addition to our family—Ava the Elephant. Tiffany Krumins was the nanny of an awesome boy with Down syndrome. Just like many of his peers, he had to take medicine, which he found difficult. Tiffany couldn’t let the poor guy miss doses, so she let her creativity lead her. The outcome was a very crude but unique prototype for Ava the Elephant. This first production helped her little buddy get his medicine down.

About Ava

Ava is a phenomenal invention that allows little ones to take their medicine while being entertained. The first one was a medicine dropper and a few sponges combined with a greeting card voice chip. As moms, especially of extraordinary children, can tell you, whatever works is great. This product worked so well that Tiffany wanted to make an even better one that could be used by moms everywhere.

Elephants and Sharks

Tiffany knew that she needed backing to get this off the ground. She took to the airwaves. Tiffany noticed a call for product inventors to go on Shark Tank. She decided to go for it and applied. Not only did she get a spot on the coveted show, but she was also awarded $50,000 to push Ava along.

Tiffany has been doing great in her production of Ava and has been nominated by as one of the top 50 Mompreneurs. This is an incredible feat for a nanny who just wanted to help a struggling little friend. She has also become a keynote speaker for Disney Social Media Mums and Beaches Resorts.

This partnership will help both Tiffany and Better Family and is big news for our families. Ava is a perfect addition to our family.

Meet Ava

Ava is a sweet elephant with a 2 tsp/ 10ml BPA-Free Medicine Dropper, sound unit, and batteries. She plays distracting music so that your little one isn’t paying attention to the medicine coming their way. Parents can use it one-handed and keep the other one free to avoid messes. Moms who have given medicine to little ones before may have needed five or six hands—at least from the feel of the fight. The one-handed operation means that your other hand is free if you need it to hold your little one’s hand.

How do I use Ava?

The steps for using Ava are simple to follow. First, draw the medicine into the syringe like you would any other medicine. Next, push the syringe into the back of Ava until it fits inside her trunk. Then, turn the syringe clockwise to lock it in place. Fourth, push Ava’s music button so she can serenade your sweet baby. Finally, put the trunk in your child’s mouth and push the plunger to release the medicine.

Final Thoughts

We know that our parents are constantly on the lookout for products that will make their lives easier. Ava is ready to take on her job of helping your baby be healthy. Ava is an FDA approved medical device, so we know that it is safe. The health and safety of your little one is our greatest concern.


VIR places first Purchase Order with Better Family

VIR places first Purchase Order with Better Family

Better Family Inc. recently partnered with VIR Ventures, an ecommerce distribution company based out of Texas. They distribute products to Amazon, Google, eBay, Walmart and other larger online retail platforms in five continents and 15 countries. 

Their products span across many categories and they personally source all products they represent directly from manufacturers and authorized distributors. They currently handle many well-known brands and offer more than 1/2 million products to their customer base.

About VIR Ventures

With one of the highest rankings on Amazon, they’ve proven to be a great distribution partnership to Better Family Inc. Rather than going through the process of drop shipping individual items to Amazon, VIR Ventures makes purchase orders wholesale from Better Family and other partnerships. Once the order is placed, VIR Ventures takes over the marketing, distribution, SEO rankings and customer service.

Better Family products are being systematically added to the multiple web platforms as they are revised by the VIR Team for optimal performance. The first of Better Family’s products introduced is our Beebo.

VIR’s merchandising expertise through more than 16 different platforms as they handle all aspects of customer service, follow up, and fulfillment, has been a huge benefit and complement to the company’s other branding and marketing efforts. They handle all the online advertising and will continue to improve the proper placing of our products amongst all the different platforms.  

VIR’s goal is to make the customer shopping experience quick, easy, and most importantly… affordable. 

They are proud that they have ratings of 100% for more than two years in a row, and they continue to provide excellent customer service and have been a top seller on Amazon for the last three years.

Our Family Is Growing!

“Better Family’s Partnership with VIR Ventures bears fruit” stated Carman Cook-Campbell, “our partnership with VIR ventures has been an excellent fit and we just accepted their first product order for two colors of our Beebo.”

The order will be shipped and stored at Amazon’s distribution Warehouses’ for further delivery to prime and other purchasers.

The VIR partnership assists Better Family by increasing inventory levels across the board and by providing our customers with excellent customer service they deserve. VIR platform sales will be fulfilled from their own inventory thereby assisting Better Family’s growth objectives.

If you want to get involved with Better Family, we highly encourage you to learn more about our investment opportunity on StartEngine. We’re currently raising capital from everyday investors to help make The Beebo, Swabbies, and Drop it Baby a household name for every family.

The Beebo, Drop It Baby and Swabbies showcased on National TV Networks

The Beebo, Drop It Baby and Swabbies showcased on National TV Networks

Better Family Inc. has been featured on five segments with Megan Thomas Head that have recently aired on major television networks across the country. All three of Better Family’s patented products have been showcased in major cities across the nation and featured as “Must Have” gifts for the holiday!

Megan showcased Better Family’s products designed for busy parents on the go. Megan hit some key talking points while on air. Swabbies is a no-mess, organic diaper cream, The Beebo is a one-handed baby feeder, and Drop It Baby is a suction cup ring chain that ends the “Drop It Game.”

Better Family Products aired on the following major TV Networks:

Raleigh NC-WNCN CBS 17 My Carolina

Tampa Bay, FL-WFTS ABC Tampa Bay Morning Blend

Portland, OR-KATU ABC 2

Houston,  Tx- KIAH CW39 Houston

Las Vegas, NV- KSNV News 3 Las Vegas

Better Family’s media spokesperson showcased products to major TV networks. Planning involved sending information and samples to each network, and took about a month of preparation time. We chose five major cities to showcase our patented line of products. 

Better Family Inc. products on popular news networks gives each product significant exposure to each network’s viewers. This coverage allows for Better Family to reach viewers at a national level through the cities we aired our products.

“This is the first time that all three brands were showcased together,” said Campbell, “a proud moment to see them received so well by our customers and the public.”

The viewership for each network was:

WNCN CBS 17 Raleigh was 28,724 and the UMV for CBS 17 is 183,252

WFTS ABC Tampa Bay was 36,242, and the UMV for WFTS ABC Action News is 340,282

KIAH CW39 Houston was 37,120 and the UMV for CW39 is 65,001

KSNV News 3 Las Vegas was 28,122 and the UMV for News 3 Las Vegas is 376,709

The footage from each network is public and will be used for future advertising for Better Family products.

Our team is currently working on appearances on even larger networks and television shows. For example, we are hoping to be showcased on Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, or the Ellen Degeneres show in the near future!

We have received a lot of positive feedback from those audiences as well as retail orders for all three products.

All Three of Better Family’s products were designed by parents for parents, making today’s parenting easier. All products are patented for solid future corporate growth, investor protection, and peace of mind. 

If you want to get involved with Better Family, we highly encourage you to learn more about our investment opportunity on StartEngine. We’re currently raising capital from everyday investors to help make The Beebo, Swabbies, and Drop it Baby a household name for every family.

Better Family’s Most Frequently Asked Questions Explained!

Better Family’s Most Frequently Asked Questions Explained!

Better Family Inc. has received many interesting questions, some about our Start Engine   campaign and others about our efforts to become a leader of Patented baby care products. Better Family products make the lives of parents easier, and have longevity in the retail market for investor security. 

Here we aim to answer several frequently asked questions to provide clarity regarding customer and investor inquiries to provide deeper insight into Better Family’s Capital raise as well as our line of products: The Beebo, Drop it Baby, and Swabbies.

Campaign Questions

What is a crowdfunding campaign?

Crowd funding began with the JOBS Act in 2016, Regulation VF was established so anyone regardless of wealth can invest in private businesses that provide their financial information and full disclosure (as would a public company) that they could register online through a SEC-registered broker dealer and raise capital from (the crowd) through funding portals like StartEngine

Equity crowdfunding through Reg CF allows new companies to access capital for growth early on from the crowd through the sale of either equity, debt etc.

Why did Better Family use Start Engine’s Platform to launch its Reg CF? 

StartEngine is one of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms in the US. They are backed by Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank) and have raised over $250M for over 375 businesses to date. With 275K+ registered investors, we believe that Start Engine is a pioneer in online capital raising registrations of both Reg ‘A’ and may be the stand alone leader of Reg CF crowdfunding campaigns. 

Why invest in Start Engine Sponsored companies? 

Through the Start Engine platform, investors are provided current financials that give the investor important information that is accurate and reviewed by the SEC. Interesting early-growth companies are now available to the average investor as they have never been available before. You are buying a piece of a company and helping it grow. In time, you may make a profit on your investment if the company grows and becomes more successful, and your investment holdings become worth more. (StartEngine)

How was Kickstarter used by Swabbies and Drop It Baby?

Kickstarter raises capital different from a Reg CF. On Kickstarter the investors are sponsors that are Pre-Purchasing company products to be delivered to the buyer at a later date. In most cases the money prepaid is used for the manufacture of the company’s product. The advantage to the buyer is they get to help a company initiate manufacture of their product and are the first ones to get that product at a deep discount from the later normal retail price. Both Swabbies and Drop It Baby have successfully used this type of platform for in excess of $30,000 each and have delivered to their sponsors as promised. 

Why raise capital if you did a deal on Shark Tank? 

When the episode of Shark Tank aired, Martin Hill had asked for an investment of $250,000 for 30 percent equity in his company. 

Ashton and Lori were to split it 15 percent each… However, after the show aired the deal was re-negotiated. The new agreement was a promotion agreement to drive internet sales and help brand the product. Both Lori and Ashton did assist the Beebo in garnering sales from website traffic and we still enjoy a cordial relationship with them through our director Martin and his wife Sara. 

The agreement between Martin and the Sharks expired prior to Swabbies Tech, Inc acquiring the Beebo.

Is my investment in Swabbies, The Beebo, or Drop It Baby when investing with Better Family?

When you invest in Better Family Inc., through Start Engine’s Platform you own all three brands. The Beebo, Swabbies, and Drop It Baby and any other products added in the future.

Do I receive any perks for making a specific investment?

If you invest over $300.00 in Better Family Inc. you will receive a lifetime discount on all Better Family products and larger investments receive additional perks. The lifetime discount is on ALL current and future products. As an investor discounts will be honored when shared with a family member. There is always someone you know with a baby! 

When will investors see a return on investment?

Our goal is to hopefully pay dividends in the future however they will be based on the company’s future profits. During the immediate future all company profits will be used to fuel the company’s growth objectives. Please look for updates in your email as well as on our website at

Can I sell my shares or trade my shares?

Better Family’s Shares cannot be sold in the open market at this time. Once the offering has officially closed the board is considering filing for approval to trade the company’s shares on the StartEngine trading platform.

When are you going public?

No current plans.

Better Family Product Questions

Do you have any products you will be adding to the Better Family brand in the future?

We are always presented with new products to potentially add to our existing line. At Better Family, our plan is to selectively add products that make parenting easier. Our most recent acquisition of Drop It Baby is a perfect example. Drop It Baby is a unique well accepted baby product that can be slotted into our existing distribution channels. We can manufacture with stronger margins due to our contacts and purchasing power. 

Drop It Baby attachable teethers are squishy, colorful, and BPA-free, each is interactive and safe for your child. The suction cup base with attached ring chain allows for their favorite items to be readily accessible off dirty floors while keeping your hands free.

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Why would I need The Beebo product… Can’t I just breastfeed?

The main reason is it will provide a free hand for cooking, eating, reading a story. It also benefits those who cannot breastfeed… ie. men, aunts and uncles, grandparents, caregivers, handicapped etc. For instance, fathers who want to be involved with feedings can, especially when moms want a break!

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Did the Sharks actually invest in The Beebo?

No they do not presently own stock in Better Family and were only engaged in past marketing efforts.

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We appreciate any and all feedback from our investors and customers alike. We invite you to visit our website, our StartEngine page, or our social media accounts to stay up to date on all Better Family Inc. progress. 

For more information about your investment with Better Family Inc., visit our StartEngine page today.