Hey Investors! Here are the Top 3 Reasons to Invest In Better Family!

Hey Investors! Here are the Top 3 Reasons to Invest In Better Family!

At Better Family we want to make every moment with your baby the best it can be.

Yes, every moment… including feeding time, changing time, and overall parenting time. 

We know, parenting is no walk in the park; Today’s parents are busier and they need time saving, smart products for their babies every day. 

Better Family is here to offer you just that and make parenting easy. 

To do so, we opened up a world of possibilities for parents with our two patented products, Swabbies diaper cream, and The Beebo. On our journey to transform the parenting experience, a lot of people have asked us how they can join our mission. 

Today, you can join our movement of proud and happy parents, by becoming an investor in Better Families on StartEngine. Our current raise is in place to help us reach our goal towards becoming the forefront of the Baby Care market. Ultimately, we want to be recognized as the go-to partner for parents looking for better products for their kids.

So you may be wondering, “Why should I invest with Better Families? 

The answer is simple: We’re gaining exposure, the market is growing, and we’ve nailed distribution.

By laying out our goals for the campaign and the reasons why  we believe we’re your next best investment opportunity, we hope you join our active and growing investor community. 

We’ve Been Exposed on Major Outlets Such as Shark Tank  

Both products under the Better Family name have had very notable exposure thus far. 

The Beebo, invented by Martin Hill, started its journey on ABCs Shark Tank. 

The Beebo is a universal bottle holder that hangs over the parents shoulder providing a free-hand during feeding.Either parent can use this product to enhance feeding time with their loved one. The freehand offers the flexibility to enjoy family meals together, read a story to your baby, and give an extra snuggle while bottle-feeding. 

Martin’s invention impressed the sharks on Shark Tank so much, it made a deal with Lori Greiner and Ashton Kutcher.!

As for Swabbies, invented by Carman Cook Campbell, recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Swabbies is the first disposable applicator that comes pre-filled with supreme diaper cream. 

This applicator is great for on-the-go parents due to its fast and mess free application process. This diaper cream is free from harmful oils and provides instant relief of diaper rash for your little one. 

For today’s parents, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to baby products. That’s why we’re proud to confirm that both The Beebo and Swabbies are trademarked and patent protected! 

We’re Apart of an Expanding Market 

Aside from the prior success of each product under the Better Family name, we are also a part of a very large, growing baby care product market. M

In fact, according to [insert article], the baby care product market is currently worth $74 billion dollars worldwide. Further, it is expected to increase from that already outstanding $74 billion, to approximately US$109.13 billion worldwide by 2026.

This market is composed of different products such as toys, feeding accessories, wipes, disposable diapers, and other soothers to name a few The Better Family products fit perfectly in this segmentation. 

On top of that, millions of babies get diaper rash each year. To be exact 50% of babies are predicted to experience diaper rash at some point. According to the United Nations, approximately 140 million babies are born worldwide a year. After crunching some numbers, that’s 70 million babies a year that will have diaper rash and need relief. 

The huge demand alone is creating  $1.4 billion market that is dedicated purely to the diaper rash cream segment alone. 

We Have Strategic Distribution Partners Such as Walmart and Amazon

Aside from the considerable exposure from Shark Tank and other shows, we have partnerships with key players including: 

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • BuyBuy Baby
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Burlington

And More!

We embark on a multi-pronged system to distribute our products. We distribute through retailers, email and digital marketing, baby registries, trade shows, and on-site promotions.

Moreover, The Beebo has a 243% markup on retail sales and 105% markup on wholesale sales with an average wholesale order of $179.While Swabbies has a 148% markup on retail sales and 75% markup on wholesale sales with an average wholesale order value of $176.

These markups ultimately improve our bottom line and make the business more profitable, which means a greater return on your investment. 

Join Us as an Investor Today, For Better Parenting Tomorrow 

Better Family has big plans to make an impact on the future of parenting. 

We hope to By closely listening to our engaged community of parents and constant innovation we believe we will achieve our goal in becoming  the baby product company that makes parents’ lives easier.   If you haven’t already, check out our StartEngine page where you can find more information on our products, team, projections, and pitch deck. 

Also, follow our social media platforms: Instagram(@swabbiescream), LinkedIn (Better Family, inc.), and Facebook (The Beebo) for more company news and exciting updates!

Happy parenting! 

Beebo Meet Swabbies! The Merging Experience

Beebo Meet Swabbies! The Merging Experience


Being a parent made easy. Wait… Did we just say easy?

Yes we did.

At Better Family we represent making the lives of parents easier. We proudly represent two patented products that take the parenting game to the next level. Introducing Swabbies and The Beebo. These two products allow all parents to embrace their busy lives and improve their time spent with their kids.

We know, there’s some days where as a Parent, you just wish you could grow another arm… or two. Well, what if you could?

Our Products

Que in The Beebo, a better way to bottle feed. The Beebo is a one-handed baby feeder invented by Martin Hill. This product made its debut on the popular show, Shark Tank. 

The Beebo impressed the Sharks on Shark Tank so much that they made a deal with Lori Greiner & Ashton Kutcher. From that point forward, it didn’t take long for others to catch onto this amazing product.

 This product was built specifically to allow parents like you, a free arm to enhance feeding time with your little one.

The soft foam bottle holder is extremely easy to use, comes in four adorable colors, can rotate 360 degrees, and works with almost any bottle type! All you have to do is attach the bottle, then rotate it to the perfect feeding angle for your loved one. The Beebo lays comfortably around your neck and rests on your shoulder providing you and your baby the highest feeding experience possible.

The best part is, you now have a free arm to hold and cuddle your baby and another free arm to read a story, check your work email, tend to another child, or enjoy your own cup of coffee. Have your cake and eat it too!

Similar to Martin’s creation, Carman Cook Campbell’s Swabbies, was created out of necessity as well. Being a working, single mother of three, Carman experienced years of diaper changes, squirmy babies, and lack of time to do it all. She was desperate for a free hand, and a clean one at that. 

This is what inspired Swabbies, The one handed, organic, disposable diaper cream applicator.

The applicator of Swabbies was designed with the intention of being mess free as well as allowing one hand to remain free also. No cream jars, caps, or disposable wipe juggling necessary.

On top of that, 50% of babies will experience diaper rash at some point. That’s a lot of babies. This statistic creates a huge market for Swabbies, 1.4 Billion to be exact. 

Swabbies now empowers you to say goodbye to diaper rash for good! You can treat your little one’s diaper rash with soothing comfort from our organic and herbal cream. Along with maximum sanitation. The applicator is already attached to the cream, so no wipes, or un-screwing needed! You now have a free, clean hand, and a clean, comfortable baby!


So now that we know more about how our products work separately to make your life easier, how do they work together to make your life easy?

The answer is synergy. Synergy is described as 

the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Which is the exact goal of merging together The Beebo and Swabbies.

Hold the Phone! 

Martin and Carman invented products both making, that’s right, parenting easy.

But, the two didn’t always work together. It started back when Carman and Martin separately joined the same private Facebook group. This group was made specifically for inventors including engineers and other Shark Tank successors.

Carman was browsing the Facebook page one day when she noticed Martin and his advertisement on the page to sell his product (The Beebo). Martin is an exceptional engineer and wanted to focus more on new inventions versus running the business end of The Beebo.

A message on Facebook led to a phone call which led eventually to the start of the merger between the two products. The strategic planning and negotiation process conclusively finalized on April 24, 2020.

After Swabbies Tech. acquired the Beebo, Martin and his wife Sarah Hill decided to continue their work with Better Family as Board of Directors.

Now we proudly represent both products here at Better Family.

What’s Next? 

As a team, our future is bright. Martin wants to continue inventing and expanding his chosen path as an engineer.

While at Better Family, we wish to keep expanding products nationally, and internationally to build the Better family brand with the careful help of Carman and our devoted team.

From the creation of our entity to the end, we hope to continue being THE baby product company that makes parenting easier. The Beebo, the hands-free bottle feeder, and Swabbies, the no-mess, organic diaper cream, on-the-go-parents can now improve their time efficiency and parent smarter, not harder.

Don’t go yet, let’s stay in touch! Don’t forget to check out our  StartEngine page. It is full of information on our products and how you can join our team at Better Family. Also, follow our social media platforms: Instagram(@The_Beebo), LinkedIn (Better Family, inc.), and Facebook (The Beebo) for more company news and exciting updates!

We’re Better Family, Inc. and This Is Our Story

We’re Better Family, Inc. and This Is Our Story

Welcome to Better Family! 

We are a team of inventors and innovators with the simple mission of Making better parenting solutions for Mom and Dad while  giving babies the best care possible. At Better Family we know there’s no shortage of options when it comes to baby products, so we pride ourselves in the healthy values and natural ingredients we offer. Currently, Better Family holds two products, The Beebo, a hands free bottle holder, and Swabbies, a mess free diaper cream applicator. Better Family wouldn’t be complete without our solid founding team. Our team is made up of industry insiders with established names and extremely successful track records.

Who Are We?

So how did our bright minded individuals get together in the first place? It starts with Carman Cook-Campbell, the inventor of Swabbies. Carman is the president and CEO of Better Family. She has almost three decades of experience as an entrepreneur as well as in sales and marketing. To follow, there’s Martin Hill, the inventor of The Beebo. Martin is a successful Engineer as well as a Director and Board Member for Better Family. The two inventors are accompanied by CFO Paula D’Onofrio, our Secretary Sharon Franklin, Marketing Director Tara Heath, Director Sarah Hill, and finally our Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Russell MD, MBA, MPH. As mentioned before, Our team at Better Family has excellent success rates, and very established names. This includes Mindee Hardin, founder, and inventor of Boogie Wipes, which was sold to Procter & Gamble. 

The team came together in various ways; however, most started  as investors then turned into board members.  As Carmen Cook-Campbell stated “The inventor world is very small, and the baby product inventor world is even smaller” leading to how Carman and Martin met. The two met through a Private Facebook specifically for baby product inventors, and that’s where our story just begins.

How Did We Get Started?

So let’s go back to the beginning. How was Swabbies started? 

Carman Cook-Campbell was a single mom working over sixty hours each week. Carman had two older children as well as her youngest who was an infant at the time. Due to Carman’s busy work schedule she had limited time to spend with her family, and when she did–diaper rash it seemed to ruin it. Whether it was the park, a museum, or even going out to eat, her youngest had the reoccurring issue of diaper rash. Carman would have to use unsanitary public bathrooms, or even the side of the road to treat her little one’s discomfort as soon as possible. The cream and the wipes were time consuming, inconvenient, and messy. That’s when the idea of Swabbies was born, the mess free diaper cream applicator. 

Martin, and his wife Sarah Hill have a similar story. The busy parents have two children, and found it extremely difficult to tend to them both at the same time. The idea for the hands free bottle holder was then created. This new invention now allowed Martin and his wife to read stories to their kids, enjoy family meals together, and best part yet cuddle them both at the same time all while bottle-feeding their children. 

What Are Our Plans?

Both Carman and Martin loved how much easier parenting became with their new inventions. After doing the research, and discovering that both The Beebo and Swabbies were one of a kind, the products became patented. 

So that leaves us with a pressing question, how did The Beebo and Swabbies become united? The answer is Better Family. Pulling again from the wise words of Carman, the world of baby product inventors is very small. Carman saw through Facebook that Martin was trying to sell his product The Beebo. He wanted to spend more time as an engineer inventing new products rather than focusing on the business side of things. Carman then set up a call with Martin to discuss their products and similarities. This call was full of tips and tricks and they each taught each other many things. With time, they realized the synergy they had together. This synergy led to the merging of the two products which was the start of Better Family.

Better Family now proudly represents The Beebo and Swabbies. 

They’re working towards representing a new product called Drop It Baby. This product is a soft and bendy chain that prevents your child from dropping their toy on a dirty floor. It is safe to chew and dishwasher friendly!

Let’s Stay In Touch 

That is just the start of our future plans at Better Family. Baby products are a part of a $74 billion dollar industry.  On top of that, 24% of that industry is millennials who represent the demographic of new parents. At Better family, we hope to continuously add  up-and-coming baby products to our incorporation to help aid us in becoming the company with the best baby products in the world that make parents’ lives easier.

 Now that you know a little bit more about Better Family don’t forget to follow us on StartEngine, and our Social Media platforms: Instagram(@The_Beebo), LinkedIn (Better Family, inc.), and Facebook (The Beebo) for more company updates.