Better Family Went to The ABC Expo!

Better Family Went to The ABC Expo!

The ABC Expo (All Baby & Child) is a non-profit organization that was created to help aid in production of events representing the juvenile products industry.

The main purpose of the ABC Expo is to act as a business liaison that helps organize trade shows for the benefit of manufacturers, specialty store retailers, distributors, and representatives of youth products.

This exhibit is ranked 65 out of the largest trade shows in North America (Trade Show Executive 2017), including over 300 exhibitors, and 600 booths.

The ABC Expo is usually a gorgeous event located in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, due to COVID-19, the show took a new, virtual, approach this year.

Better Family followed suit!

We prepared our show-stopping product materials and got hard at work. The goal was to create a virtual presentation and show booth for the digital ABC attendees. By sharing with you all the details of the events we hope to pique your curiosity in the brand and encourage you to learn more about the Better Family brand! 

The ABC Exhibit

The ABC exhibit is one of the best opportunities to see the latest and hottest trending baby products. Guests were able meet virtually with domestic and international buyers along with manufacturers. 

For any baby product brand like Better Family, the buyer networking and media exposure makes the event key to becoming one of the top juvenile brands out there. 

As a buyer, the ABC expo is the perfect opportunity to meet virtually with domestic and international exhibitors such as Better Families, where they are able to view . The buyers are able to view the latest products and speak with key industry manufacturers.

Attending  an exhibit gave Better Family the opportunity to witness and utilize the power of buyer partnerships where we had the chance to network with new buyers and manufacturers for long-lasting and profitable relationships. 

Check Out Our Virtual Booth at The ABC Expo!

We Hosted a Zoom Webinar All About Swabbies Diaper Cream and The Beebo 

At Better Family, we were thrilled to be a part of this incredible trade show and opportunity.

ABC offered our team a 20 minute live Zoom session where went into depth about both of our products— Swabbies Diaper Cream, The Beebo, along with our up and coming product Drop It Baby.

During our presentation, we discussed how Swabbies is the first associable applicator that comes pre-filled with our supreme diaper cream. Mentioning how our applicators are great for on-the-go parents due to it’s fast and mess free application, and ending with a reminder that our supreme diaper cream is free from harmful oils, is completely organic, and is high in zinc to provide instant relief for diaper rash.  

Next we touched on The Beebo and showed how The Beebo is a universal bottle holder that hangs over your shoulder to create a hands-free bottling experience. By demoing the product, we showed that with The Beebo, parents can have  freehands to cuddle, read a story to their loved one, and even enjoy a family meal together. 

Our presentation concluded with the Drop It Baby. We covered how the Drop It Baby is a soft, flexible chain that attaches to your loved ones bottle, sippy cup, or toy. This product prevents the child’s item from falling onto dirty floors, or getting misplaced. We concluded by mentioning that his dishwasher friendly product is also perfect for children of any age from teething to teens!

The ABC Expo Was a Fruitful Experience! 

We are happy to announce that our experience at the ABC show led to great success and opportunity!

During our live chat, The Beebo found a new international store representative located in the Dominican Republic called . Isa & Kate, that placed an order.

International representation is a huge milestone and we can’t wait to see the opportunities that arise! 

We also have an exciting licensing agreement in negotiations is scheduled for  Swabbies, along with a large e-commerce distribution contract for all Better Family products in the books!

Easy as 123, Thank You ABC!

At Better Family we are very thankful to the ABC Expo for allowing us the opportunity  to showcase both of our products.

As we continue to strive to be recognized as a go-to partner for parents looking for better products for their kids, we know it would not be possible without the exposure the ABC trade show has given us.

We are still buzzing in our chairs from the excitement of the show, and on the fast track to becoming the forefront of the baby care market. 

We hope you enjoyed reading more about our exciting and highly beneficial experience at The ABC Expo!  If you haven’t already, check out our StartEngine page where you can find more information on our products, team, projections, and pitch deck. 

Also, follow our social media platforms: Instagram(@swabbiescream), LinkedIn (Better Family, inc.), and Facebook (The Beebo) for more company news and exciting updates!

Happy parenting!