Beebo Meet Swabbies! The Merging Experience

Beebo Meet Swabbies! The Merging Experience


Being a parent made easy. Wait… Did we just say easy?

Yes we did.

At Better Family we represent making the lives of parents easier. We proudly represent two patented products that take the parenting game to the next level. Introducing Swabbies and The Beebo. These two products allow all parents to embrace their busy lives and improve their time spent with their kids.

We know, there’s some days where as a Parent, you just wish you could grow another arm… or two. Well, what if you could?

Our Products

Que in The Beebo, a better way to bottle feed. The Beebo is a one-handed baby feeder invented by Martin Hill. This product made its debut on the popular show, Shark Tank. 

The Beebo impressed the Sharks on Shark Tank so much that they made a deal with Lori Greiner & Ashton Kutcher. From that point forward, it didn’t take long for others to catch onto this amazing product.

 This product was built specifically to allow parents like you, a free arm to enhance feeding time with your little one.

The soft foam bottle holder is extremely easy to use, comes in four adorable colors, can rotate 360 degrees, and works with almost any bottle type! All you have to do is attach the bottle, then rotate it to the perfect feeding angle for your loved one. The Beebo lays comfortably around your neck and rests on your shoulder providing you and your baby the highest feeding experience possible.

The best part is, you now have a free arm to hold and cuddle your baby and another free arm to read a story, check your work email, tend to another child, or enjoy your own cup of coffee. Have your cake and eat it too!

Similar to Martin’s creation, Carman Cook Campbell’s Swabbies, was created out of necessity as well. Being a working, single mother of three, Carman experienced years of diaper changes, squirmy babies, and lack of time to do it all. She was desperate for a free hand, and a clean one at that. 

This is what inspired Swabbies, The one handed, organic, disposable diaper cream applicator.

The applicator of Swabbies was designed with the intention of being mess free as well as allowing one hand to remain free also. No cream jars, caps, or disposable wipe juggling necessary.

On top of that, 50% of babies will experience diaper rash at some point. That’s a lot of babies. This statistic creates a huge market for Swabbies, 1.4 Billion to be exact. 

Swabbies now empowers you to say goodbye to diaper rash for good! You can treat your little one’s diaper rash with soothing comfort from our organic and herbal cream. Along with maximum sanitation. The applicator is already attached to the cream, so no wipes, or un-screwing needed! You now have a free, clean hand, and a clean, comfortable baby!


So now that we know more about how our products work separately to make your life easier, how do they work together to make your life easy?

The answer is synergy. Synergy is described as 

the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. Which is the exact goal of merging together The Beebo and Swabbies.

Hold the Phone! 

Martin and Carman invented products both making, that’s right, parenting easy.

But, the two didn’t always work together. It started back when Carman and Martin separately joined the same private Facebook group. This group was made specifically for inventors including engineers and other Shark Tank successors.

Carman was browsing the Facebook page one day when she noticed Martin and his advertisement on the page to sell his product (The Beebo). Martin is an exceptional engineer and wanted to focus more on new inventions versus running the business end of The Beebo.

A message on Facebook led to a phone call which led eventually to the start of the merger between the two products. The strategic planning and negotiation process conclusively finalized on April 24, 2020.

After Swabbies Tech. acquired the Beebo, Martin and his wife Sarah Hill decided to continue their work with Better Family as Board of Directors.

Now we proudly represent both products here at Better Family.

What’s Next? 

As a team, our future is bright. Martin wants to continue inventing and expanding his chosen path as an engineer.

While at Better Family, we wish to keep expanding products nationally, and internationally to build the Better family brand with the careful help of Carman and our devoted team.

From the creation of our entity to the end, we hope to continue being THE baby product company that makes parenting easier. The Beebo, the hands-free bottle feeder, and Swabbies, the no-mess, organic diaper cream, on-the-go-parents can now improve their time efficiency and parent smarter, not harder.

Don’t go yet, let’s stay in touch! Don’t forget to check out our  StartEngine page. It is full of information on our products and how you can join our team at Better Family. Also, follow our social media platforms: Instagram(@The_Beebo), LinkedIn (Better Family, inc.), and Facebook (The Beebo) for more company news and exciting updates!